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...delivering internet hosting, backup and email services since 1999...

Our specialism in helping companies make cost efficient use of the internet has allowed us to build up a customer list of more than 600.  This is just one example.

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Our Customers - Usborne Publishing

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Children’s Books Publishing

Usborne is a major, independent UK publishing company that produces almost every type of children's book for all ages from baby right through to teenager.

Founded by Peter Usborne in 1973, the company has pioneered a completely new generation of entertaining, colourful and friendly non-fiction books, and more recently, fiction titles.  Since its foundation, it has been the publisher that children themselves seek out for its humorous, factual and fun books.

The company has grown to employing more than 150 staff and has forged very strong links with nurseries, primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.

High Profile Brand

“Our websites are an essential part of our go-to-market strategy,” said Lisa Watts, Website Manager.  “Although not our main sales channel, we need to maintain a high profile brand presence in all of the countries that we operate in and the internet is the perfect way to achieve this.”

Usborne Publishing manages all of the website content themselves and also takes care of the system servers and infrastructure with a small in-house team.

“We do the bulk of the website support work in-house,” continued Lisa.  “But to get the level of global presence that we want we have registered around 100 web domains using all of the various domain registry organisations.  Keeping track of them all is an administrative burden that we just don’t want to carry ourselves, so we’ve brought in RapidHost to help us.”

RapidHost had provided server hosting for Usborne in the past and were well respected within the company.

“Working with RapidHost on the domain names has been a breeze,” added Lisa.  “They worry about the renewals of all of the existing domains as well as the registration of the new ones.  It allows me to focus on the higher value-add website tasks knowing that the domain management is in safe hands.”

Responsive And Helpful

RapidHost have been developing internal systems to further automate the renewal process to reduce the impact on Usborne Publishing.

“It is reassuring to know that RapidHost are always there for me,” concluded Lisa.  “They are extremely responsive and always helpful - even if I’m asking questions beyond their contractual responsibility.  Domain management is a relatively small part of our overall website workload, but it is worth getting experts like RapidHost involved … especially when dealing with some of the more obscure domains that we have nowadays.  It definitely makes my life easier and I’d recommend RapidHost to others.”