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...delivering internet hosting, backup and email services since 1999...

Our specialism in helping companies make cost efficient use of the internet has allowed us to build up a customer list of more than 600.  This is just one example.

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Our Customers - Virtuous Systems

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Pay Per Action

Virtuous Systems is a specialist software developer that creates applications to help advertisers, agencies and media owners work more effectively together. Tracq® is its market leading product through which organisations can collaborate on the development, approval and management of multi-platform pay per action advertising campaigns.

Pay per action advertising is fast becoming the preferred way for large corporates to get best value for money from their media investments. In pay per action campaigns the client only pays the media owner (magazine, television channel, web site and so on) when the target customer takes an action, such as test driving a car, taking out an insurance policy, investing in an ISA or booking a holiday.

Planning for, managing and accounting thereafter is a complex task in this area and Virtuous Systems’ Tracq application has been designed specifically for this.

“With Tracq we’ve used our experience to build a very powerful application,” said Mike Croft, Chairman, Virtuous Systems. “And with our distribution partnership with Aegis plc, one of the world’s biggest media agencies, we can now work with the giants of corporate advertising across the globe.”

FileMaker for Flexibility

Virtuous Systems chose FileMaker as the application development environment for Tracq. This gave them great flexibility during development and impressive speed when running live.

“FileMaker’s a great environment for us from a technical standpoint,” added Mike. “But many of our clients are large corporates with large and busy IT departments who don’t have the time to deploy the FileMaker software in their infrastructure. This could have been a major problem for us. Luckily though, we’ve been working with RapidHost.”

RapidHost have a well earned reputation for delivering managed FileMaker services within the UK. From their offices in Marlow, RapidHost manage a large number of servers running FileMaker for software developers and users alike.

“We needed a way to deliver our Tracq application to corporate user desktops without troubling their IT teams,” continued Mike. “Delivering Tracq as a fully managed service across the internet, hosted by RapidHost, was the ideal solution both technically and commercially.”

RapidHost set to work developing a hosting environment that not only offered the level of security and integrity that Virtuous Systems’ clients demanded, but would also seamlessly cater for all of the differences in operating platforms that end-users would have.

Amazing Support

“RapidHost have been amazing,” said Mike. “They’ve worked really hard to give us an easily expandable environment for quickly and easily deploying Tracq. Our goals were to be able to deploy a new end-user literally within seconds and to give them application performance that’s looks and feels like a piece of software running on their local hard disk. With RapidHost we have succeeded on both counts.”

Sales of Tracq are going well and the number of servers managed by RapidHost is steadily increasing.

“To make sure that the end-users get great performance we’ve capped the number of users to each managed server at ten,” continued Mike. “We expect to be supporting 200 users within the next year, which will mean at least 20 managed servers from RapidHost. I’m very confident that we can grow to this level without compromising user performance or service quality.”

RapidHost continues to invest in new hardware technology to make sure that the Tracq platform performs as needed. In addition, it is keeping its FileMaker skills up-to-date so that it can contribute further to Virtuous Systems’ success.

“We just couldn’t have brought Tracq to market so successfully without RapidHost,” concluded Mike. “They’ve helped us far beyond their FileMaker knowledge and have made some great suggestions that have improved the service no end.  I am very pleased that they are an integral part of the Virtuous Systems team and feel very confident about the future. Thank you RapidHost.”