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...delivering internet hosting, backup and email services since 1999...

Our specialism in helping companies make cost efficient use of the internet has allowed us to build up a customer list of more than 600.  This is just one example.

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Our Customers - a&o Imaging Services

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Photographic Equipment Maintenance

a&o Imaging Services (UK) Ltd is focused on delivering independent professional maintenance services to commercial photographic ‘imaging’ equipment users.  These users include traditional photographic laboratories as well as high street photo-shops and retailers with in-store processing and self-service kiosks.

a&o Imaging Services are qualified to service equipment throughout the UK from a range of manufacturers including Agfa, Gretag, Kodak, Konica, Noritsu, Photo-Me and Sony.  They are also resellers and service agents for Canon large-format printing systems.

The company was formed in 2005 and has grown to 30 staff and a turnover of more than £3million.

IT ‘Boffin’ on Staff

“Like a lot of small companies our internal IT systems were set up to meet our needs at a specific point in our growth,” said Mike Wallace, Financial Director, a&o Imaging Services (UK) Ltd.  “At the time we had a member of staff who was an IT ‘boffin’ and he knew his way around all of the systems.  When he left the company, whilst we still had IT skills within the business, we felt somewhat exposed.”

a&o Imaging Services decided that they didn’t want to hire a replacement as having in-house IT skills wasn’t a core requirement for the success of their business.

“We felt that we’d be financially better off by outsourcing our IT systems to a professional service provider,” continued Mike..  “This would reduce our risks on a day-day basis as well as give us access to a wide range of IT skills and experience for when we wanted to make changes in the future.”

A partner company to a&o Imaging Services recommended RapidHost for the task.  After investigation it was decided that RapidHost were offering the right level of service quality at the right budget level and a contract was duly signed.

A Simple Arrangement

“We don’t want any IT problems and we don’t get any with RapidHost,” said Mike.  “They host our main office server as well as providing a managed email system.  All of our data is regularly backed up for safety and to get anything changed we just phone them up.  It is a very simple arrangement that has worked well for more than two years.”

As the company continues to grow, Mike is keeping an eye on their future IT needs.

“We are very comfortable that RapidHost has the capability and flexibility to change their service level in line with our future needs,” concluded Mike.  “We might only be a small company but RapidHost take great care to look after our needs and are always there when we need them.  It means that I can stay focused on our business rather than the business of IT.”