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...delivering internet hosting, backup and email services since 1999...

Our specialism in helping companies make cost efficient use of the internet has allowed us to build up a customer list of more than 600.  This is just one example.

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Our Customers - MF Software Solutions

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Business Application Development

MF Software Solutions is a Bristol-based consultancy that have been developing business applications since 1994.

Central to their application design and development is FileMaker’s database technology, which has enabled them to build very cost effective and efficient solutions that can be seamlessly deployed within environments that run a mix of Macintosh and Windows computers.

The company delivers solutions to a diverse range of industries including Mail Order, Estate Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Design Consultancies, Call Centres, Publishers, Commercial Galleries and Museum Collections.

Early in 2008, the company launched MFJobTracker, an online, subscription-based solution written in FileMaker Pro, designed to help Design Consultancies and Advertising Agencies more effectively manage and monitor the progress and profitability of their jobs.

A New Business Model

“MFJobTracker is quite a departure for us,” said Victor Gentinetta, Managing Director, MF Software Solutions.  “Up to then we had always developed and sold application solutions in the traditional way, which required that the customer effectively take responsibility for the running, maintaining and backing up the software on their own in-house server systems.

Hosting the solution on one of RapidHost’s VPS FileMaker servers enables us to relieve the client of this responsibility whilst taking control of the environment in which the server is run. This approach also allows the client to access the solution from almost anywhere (given a good broadband connection). Of course, the change to a managed service approach meant that we needed to find a robust and cost-effective hosting environment that could be easily scaled up as sales increased.”

RapidHost were well known in the FileMaker developer community and already provided managed hosting services to a large number of UK software houses.

The Obvious Choice

“RapidHost was the obvious choice for us,” added Victor.  “They knew the FileMaker environment very well and were providing similar services to other companies like us.”

RapidHost set up a Virtual Private Server system for MF Software Solutions that provides just about all of the benefits of a dedicated solution but without the associated high monthly cost to cover equipment capital purchase.

“The system that RapidHost created for us is just right,” continued Victor.  “It gives us the certainty of capability, performance and expandability at a price level that matches our business model for MFJobTracker.  It’s a great fit that has helped us enormously.”

Since the launch in January 2008, the MFJobTracker service has performed well and is generating new users.

“RapidHost have been a great company to work with,” concluded Victor.  “Their support skills are excellent, their attention to detail top notch and their willingness to help when we have a need is second to none.  I’m very happy to recommend RapidHost to other software developers who are looking to add a managed service to their portfolio.”