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...delivering internet hosting, backup and email services since 1999...

Our specialism in helping companies make cost efficient use of the internet has allowed us to build up a customer list of more than 600.  This is just one example.

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Our Customers - WordZone/Telegraph

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Creative Agency Delivering Multi-Media Programmes

WordZone is a creative agency focused on delivering multi-media programmes for high profile clients such as Telegraph Media Group and News International (owners of The Times and Sunday Times). This entails creating/editing weekly pages in media, such as the Daily Telegraph, organising, running and chairing business conferences, managing clients’ website content and email newsletters, and regular production of business video programmes.

The company has worked with The Sunday Times from 1997 to create the Enterprise Network programme with a weekly page plus conferences, website and member magazine. This proved so successful that it was rolled out to the Irish Republic edition in 2003.

In 2005, WordZone took over responsibility for running the Business Club programme for the Daily Telegraph. In this case the website, weekly business case study and business seminars are supplemented by a weekly email newsletter and video MasterClasses on a variety of business topics.

“We think of ourselves as an editorial agency for our clients,” said David Bennett, Web Site Manager. “And as editors we are responsible for getting all of the material to be published in the right format, in the place and at the right time. To do that successfully it is vital that our means of publication are highly reliable.”

Daily Telegraph Business Club

In the case of the Daily Telegraph’s Business Club, the key publication methods are a Business Club page every Tuesday in the Business section, weekly emails to club members with a range of other relevant business stories, and a web site (www.telegraphbusinessclub.co.uk) that carries current and historic news and stories.

“Managing the Business Club web site is a major task because of the sheer volume of content,” continued David. “And with around 50,000 visitors each month, the web site needs to be available around the clock with a good level of performance.”

RapidHost manage the web site and database server on behalf of WordZone/Telegraph Media Group.

“We’ve found RapidHost to be a very reliable service provider over the years that we’ve worked with them,” added David. “Like us they have a small but very approachable team which means that we can get answers to our questions very quickly - knowing that the people we are dealing with know who we are and what we do. That is very comforting.”

The Business Club web site has been very reliable since it was launched, however there was a serious hardware fault at one point.

Impressive Customer Service

“The real measure of customer service is how a company responds when things go wrong,” said David. “There was a serious hardware fault that stopped us accessing our content database. But within the same day RapidHost had all of our data loaded and running on another server temporarily and within the week they had bought and installed a new server as a permanent replacement. It was an impressive performance by RapidHost and the best aspect from my point of view is that I didn’t have to chivvy or chase them at all – they just got on with what was needed very professionally. Definitely a job well done.”

RapidHost continue to host the web site environment ensuring that the hardware, network and security systems are monitored and fully supported.

“Being small means that RapidHost can give me a very personal service,” concluded David. “I even phone them up about general IT queries that aren’t related to the hosted system and they are always happy to help. I haven’t found that quality of service or care from the larger hosting companies that I’ve dealt with before.”