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RapidHost Remote Backup

protect your organisation's data…

Our intelligent system only saves data files that have changed since the last backup, thus saving running time. In addition, the backup process can be scheduled to run at a time when you are not using your computers for work.

Remote Backup

Data backup is as important as the data you store on your system; if that system holds valuable information critical to the daily operation of your business, then making a backup of it is essential.

RapidHost's Remote backup services provide you with peace of mind, and will save time and money if anything should happen to your data.

RapidHost's Remote backup automatically archives files from, and selectively restores files to, all of your hosted servers PLUS all of your office or mobile computers. You can recover files securely from anywhere on the internet. It is the ideal way to protect business and personal data against equipment failure, theft, virus damage or accidental deletion/corruption.

Our intelligent archiving system only saves data files that have changed since the last backup, thus saving running time. The backup process can be scheduled to run at a time when you are not using your computers for work (provided the computers are left running).

In addition, the frequency of backups can be set from weekly/daily right down to hourly or even every minute. For especially volatile files/databases a Continuous Data Protection (CDP) mode is available that ensures total data protection without the overhead of saving less volatile files at the same time.

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Remote Backup Data Sheet

Rapid Backup - Pricing

Rapid Backup File Archiving - Full (All Servers)

If you are ready to order a Rapid Backup product, simply click on the quota you require below to go to our secure ordering system.

Backup Quota Monthly Fee
5 GB £14.75
10 GB £22.50
20 GB £40.00
50 GB £80.00
100 GB £140.00
200 GB £260.00
over 200 GB POA
Hyper-V Backup Cost as per quota plus additional £5.00
per VPS
Hard Disk 'Seeding'* £100.00
(per cycle)

All prices exclude VAT.

* Hard disk 'seeding' is a process to speed up an initial backup or restore in the Full version where large volumes of data (20GB or more) are involved. In 'seeding', RapidHost will ship a hard disk to you to copy on/off the large amount of data at direct connection speed, after which you return the disk to RapidHost. If this is of interest to you, or you require more information, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


Rapid Backup - File Archiving/Retrieval Features

  • Works with Mac, Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris (laptops, desktops or servers)
  • Backs up all types of files, including email or database server files** 
  • Automatically backs up your device over a secure connection
  • Provides continuous data protection with incremental/differential backups that can be run every minute if needed
  • Archive copies can be kept for as long as needed, subject to storage space allocation becoming full
  • Initiation at user level or administrator level (from the central server) as well as by preset schedule
  • Encrypts your data to ensure complete privacy
  • Compresses data to reduce transfer times and storage
  • Data is online 24 hours a day - no more need for backup tapes
  • 'Seeding' service available to speed up the initial backup or restore of data volumes over 20Gb - applies to Full version only

**Database files - you should check with you database software author to see if the database software needs to be closed before a backup can be taken.  Database files from MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle software can be backed up without closing the database. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.


Calculating Your Backup Quota

Rapid Backup compresses data as it stores it on our backup servers.  This means that you may not need as much 'quota' as you have used disk storage to be backed up.  For example, backing up 15GB of files may only take 8GB of space on the backup server system - thus you would need the 10GB quota service rather than the 20GB one.

Calculating the size of the quota depends on how 'compressable' your data files are.  For example, Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations compress down to a much smaller size than the original, sometimes down to a third of the size.  But Adobe Acrobate .pdf documents, .jpg & .gif images and video files are already in a compressed format and may not compress any further at all.

A rule of thumb to get started is to assume that you'll need around half of the used disk storage size as your quota, unless you have a preponderance of the uncompressable files.  Once you run your first Rapid Backup session, the software will report exactly how much of the quota has been used.  Quotas are easily changeable by contacting us, so you can revise your decision at any time.

If you are unsure of how to estimate your quota, you can either contact us in advance and we'll talk you through it or sign up for our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.